They say two of the hardest and greatest things you can do in life is to find your purpose and become a parent. Sadly, many people trade one for the other. We at Family Brand believe that you can do both. 

In this episode, Chris plays the role of the interviewer as we take a deeper look into Melissa’s story. 

Only a few years ago you could find Melissa working as a nurse and learning the ropes of this new adventure called motherhood. During this season, Mellisa started to realize that she often felt her voice didn’t matter and that she had a job but she didn’t a purpose. She knew there was more to life than just setting up IV’s and changing diapers. 

Listen in to hear Melissa’s incredible journey of stepping away from her medical career, to finding her passion in real estate, and successfully pursuing her dreams while simultaneously being an awesome wife and mother, and all the doubts and “mom guilt”  in between. 
If you want to make 2021 the year you finally take the next step, start building your dreams and kick “mom guilt” (or dad) for good, this episode is for you!

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More Of What We Talk About:

  • How Melissa knew it was time to step away from her job
  • Being bold enough to learn something new
  • How to create your “and”
  • The three biggest lessons Melissa has learned on this journey
  • Why Family Brand is the scariest thing Melissa has ever done 
  • Chris’s advice for those supporting their spouse
  • How Melissa overcame mom guilt 
  • Your dreams still matter
  • Advice for gaining the confidence to pursue your dreams
  • The question that changed Melissa’s life
  • And much more!




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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:42 Conversation starts
  • 0:55 What do expect today
  • 3:35 Context for Melissa’s story
  • 3:54 Melissa’s story
  • 5:50 When Melissa left her career 
  • 7:10 How Melissa got into real estate 
  • 11:33 The question that changed it all
  • 16:29 Creating an “and”
  • 19:10 Always be dreaming for yourself
  • 20:57 Q&A
  • 24:51 Melissa’s best advice for parents pursuing their dreams
  • 27:41 Just keep going

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