Melissa and I just wanted to share some of our values with you guys and we couldn’t be more excited for how this series is going! We talked about: 🚩 ANY family can define the values they live by 🚩 Creating a culture of encouragement in your family unit 🚩 What would it look like if you were living your dreams?


Meet your hosts:

📌 Chris & Melissa Smith are parents to 5 beautiful children. Their mission is to make it super simple for families to discover how to create an intentional culture in their home that leads to greater love, joy and connection while reducing stress and overwhelm. Their mission is to inspire families to take a stand for their family and create an intentional culture in their home.


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The CONNECTION Series is free series of livestream events designed to bring global leaders together to support both you and your families during this challenging time.


Many people say that small businesses are the backbone of our country. Chris & Melissa believe that families are the backbone of this country. And the stronger the family the stronger the business and the entrepreneur. Melissa and Chris are both being called to lead in a MUCH bigger way right now. For the past 10 months they have been building a framework that extends out of Campfire Effect. This is Family Brand.


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