As the stack of moving boxes have gotten smaller and life in Hawaii starts to settle down, the energy in our house is beginning to ramp up. Not the fun kind of energy either. We’ve noticed that the kids are more competitive, quick to fight, and more irritable. 

When we took a step back to see what was going on, we realized that we weren’t listening to our own advice. 

If you have listened to the podcast or been around Family Brand for a while you know that we have a high value for being intentional about quality time. Whether that is with each other or with each of our kids, one-on-one time is important to us. 

When we lived in Arizona we made sure to have a weekly “check-in” with our kids, we’d talk with each one individually, setting goals, and asking how we could support them, each week. This tradition was one of the things we lost during the move. 

We are committed to getting back in the swing of things and added this tradition back into our family routine. We believe that bringing this back will bring more harmony in our family because when everyone feels seen, heard, made priority things seem to fall into place.

Today we’ll be talking about the simple steps we take to create powerful one on one time with our kids. 

Learn the two specific questions we ask to connect and support our children each week, how we balance one on one time with the kids and simultaneously keeping our marriage a priority. 

We think (and hope!) implementing it back into our lives will work to have things run a little more smoothly this week!  Try this process with us as we jump back in and let’s hold each other accountable! Share your successes, hiccups, and questions on Instagram, and watch our families change together.. @ourfamilybrand

Listen now!

More Of What We Talk About:

  • The real power of quality time
  • Practical steps to creating one-on-one time
  • Creating a culture in your home
  • The two questions you should ask your kids every week
  • How to let your kids know they are a priority
  • Easy ways to cut out time in your schedule for your kids
  • Unexpected results of spending time with your kids
  • What your kids actually want for dinner
  • Quality time doesn’t have to have a price tag
  • And much more!




Free course:

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:41 Rooster warning!
  • 1:03 A new family project we are working on
  • 4:24 Creating one-on-one check-ins with your kids
  • 6:28 What this process looks like practically
  • 10:39 The tooth burst analogy
  • 15:01 An easy tip to fit in quality time with each kid
  • 16:33 Good, better, best time to hand out
  • 20:00 The benefits of family mealtime
  • 22:36 Make date night a priority
  • 23:49 Modeling a healthy marriage for your kids
  • 24:40 Quality time doesn’t have to be extravagant
  • 28:40 Birthday trips
  • 31:23 Let’s do this together!

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