Hey there, Family Brand community! It’s Melissa, and today’s episode is a bit of a heart-to-heart, as I share our journey and decision that’s been deeply personal and transformative for our family: the leap into homeschooling our youngest, Trip and Indy. This journey isn’t just about the choice to homeschool but delves into the broader theme of following what feels right for your family, even amid doubts and the unknown.

We find ourselves in a season of decision-making, not just for the coming school year but in sculpting the life we envision for our family. It’s about taking bold steps towards what calls to us, even when the path isn’t clear. For us, this meant listening to our children’s needs and desires, navigating through fears, and embracing change, despite the comfort of our established routines.

In this episode, I share our personal story and the catalysts moment that nudged us toward homeschooling, and the reflections that guided our decision. It’s a story of rediscovering childhood joys, fostering sibling bonds, and customizing our learning journey to fit our family’s unique needs and goals. (Our family brand!)

But more than that, it’s a call to all families to listen to those whispers of desire for something more, something different, that might be waiting just outside your comfort zone. Whether it’s about education, lifestyle changes, or any other aspect of family life, it’s about daring to dream and then stepping into those dreams with conviction.

So, if you’re pondering a leap of your own, or simply curious about how to navigate the choices that shape your family’s story, hit play now. Let’s explore together how to embrace the changes that call to us, creating a legacy of love, learning, and living fully…together! And as always, we’re excited to hear from you–share your stories, your leaps of faith, and the dreams you’re chasing for your family. (Follow the links below to connect.)

Here’s to taking back your family, in all the beautifully unique ways that mean the most to you. 




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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 00:36 The new journey of homeschooling Trip and Indy, and the deeper reasons behind family decisions.
  • 01:33 The timing of educational decisions and our personal homeschooling experiences with older kids.
  • 03:04 The event that changed everything and why homeschooling just made sense.
  • 06:47 Melissa’s internal debate over homeschooling as a mom and how she got clarity.
  • 09:50 The power of creative play and how homeschooling can strengthen family bonds.
  • 11:34 You can take back your family and design the rhythm that works best for you! 
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