Hey Guys, Chris and Melissa here!

When we talked about this week’s episode we both had the exact same idea in mind. It’s a simple question that anyone can usually answer right away. 

What are you most afraid of? 

Did a bunch of feelings come up reading that? You aren’t alone, everyone has fears that they experience daily and we’ve even had conversations with our kids recently on how to handle and push past fear. There’s a thought process that someone has to overcome fear to really be able to do what they want in life, but we were thinking, what if you just pushed past fear and did it anyway? 

We talk about the emotion of fear and how its main objective is to paralyze us and keep up from doing anything, we discuss the best action to take against fear is just that. To take action. Listen in as we talk about the root causes of fear, recognizing where fear lives, our own fears that we’re dealing with right now, and some practical steps you can take to make fear a stepping stone instead of something that suppresses your creativity and purpose. In this episode, we make a real-time action plan on how we can face our fears in the coming week and how we can continue to take steps that grow us and not hinder us.

So, we challenge you this week to identify a fear of yours that you want to take action on, identify why you aren’t taking action, and then share that with someone. Like we said you are not alone! We will be posting about this on our Instagram, you can find the links below and encourage you to follow and comment on what you’re goals are for facing your fears!

Listen now!

More of What We Talk About:

  • Realizing that everyone feels fear
  • Moving past fear and doing it anyway
  • How to deal with paralyzing fear
  • Finding the root cause of fear
  • Recognizing where fear lives
  • Learning to look at failure differently
  • Why it’s important to take action right away
  • Picking something and running with it
  • Identifying the fear within you
  • The fears we have in our life right now
  • Practical tips you can use to face your fears
  • Acknowledging the accomplishments to give you confidence
  • And much more!




Free course:

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:41 Welcome back! Here is what we are talking about today.
  • 2:50 Facing your fears and doing it anyways
  • 8:18 Why do we say fear is paralyzing?
  • 11:19 Lessons from Sarah Backley
  • 13:15 What taking a stand looks like
  • 17:38 One of the most common fears people struggle with
  • 22:26 The future is always better than you imaged
  • 25:44 The power of commitment 
  • 30:34 One of Chris’s biggest fears right now
  • 31:58 One of Melissa’s biggest fears
  • 35:18 the fear of being judges
  • 38:41 Who do you really want to make a difference for?
  • 40:33 Our challenge for you this week

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