Today’s chat is all about turning those family values into real, exciting adventures. Get ready to meet Jonathan and Nicole, a couple who’s not just about talking the talk – they’re walking it when it comes to living out their family’s core values.

Jonathan and Nicole are the living proof that you can be just as intentional about your family journey as you are about your business endeavors. Their family mission, “live and love freely,” isn’t just a catchphrase – it’s their North Star that led them on some seriously amazing escapades.

Their journey started with a bold move – they sold their home and embarked on epic summers abroad. But wait, it’s not all sunsets and smooth seas. They’re upfront about the challenges they faced. What’s inspiring is how they leaned into their family values – trust Jesus, love well, give thanks, work hard, and take risks – to tackle the tough times and grab opportunities by the horns.

Their story is like a living version of Helen Keller’s quote, “Life is either one daring adventure or nothing at all.” Through the ups and downs, Jonathan and Nicole’s daring adventure unfolded, loaded with life lessons that’ll sculpt their kids’ paths forward.

Their journey throws the question back at us – are we letting our family values gather dust, or are we taking charge, making decisions, and crafting our lives around them? It’s a gentle nudge to embrace the idea of designing our lives instead of settling for the default setting. What are you waiting for? Hit that play button now and into Jonathan and Nicole’s amazing journey!




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Stories of Color Book Resources: 

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 01:27 Special guests, Jonathan and Nicole Cottrell, discussing family mission, vision, and values
  • 02:02 The Cottrell mission is to live and love freely 
  • 04:06 Nicole talks about learning how to structure our life to our values 
  • 06:55 Nicole talks about seasons of life and how they change the family dynamics 
  • 07:24 Jonathan shares why they decided to sell their house and begin living in different countries
  • 09:46 Nicole talks about the challenges of uprooting your family to travel the world 
  • 10:57 Jonathan shares their 5 family values and how they live by them 
  • 12:37 Jonathan believes that you can’t be rewarded in life without the risk 
  • 15:00 Nicole shares how exposing kids to the different places of the world impacts their life
  • 18:21 Jonathan talks about the freedom they experienced, when they went all in on this lifestyle
  • 19:14 Downsizing to a smaller home, brought the Cottrell family closer together 
  • 20:49 Nicole shares her journey with homeschooling and offers advice for interested moms 
  • 24:42 Nicole talks about the catalog that they created, called Stories of Color 
  • 27:15 Jonathan encourages to not just dream, but to write them down on paper and continue to believe it can happen 
  • 29:01 Nicole’s advice is to discuss as a family if how we are living matches what we believe 
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