Level Up Your Family

in a 8 week Live Experience

Don't Be So Busy Building a Business that you Forget to Build Your Family

The most important investment you may ever make as an entrepreneur is in your family. The “Level Up Your Family” Program empowers you to build your family’s future by design instead of by default.

Every Successful Business Has a Brand. We believe your family deserves to have one too

As an entrepreneur, you know the power of community. Many of you have built, run or participated in masterminds, group coaching programs, and workshops. And, you have personally experienced the transformations that take place when a group of committed people come together to invest in themselves. Well, we think it’s about time we did this same thing for our families.

Welcome to the The ‘Level Up Your Family in 8 weeks’ Live Experience. This is where you create your family’s brand.

Watch this video to learn about the "Level Up Your Family" Program



We’ll walk you through the process of creating your Family Brand through short, easy to digest videos that can be watched on your own time.



We outline the entire process in the workbook that you can easily fill out as you watch the videos, and when completed it is the blueprint for your family’s future!


Weekly Group Calls

These fun and interactive group calls allow you to work through the program with other like minded families. The weekly accountability it provides is a bonus!

All of this is included in the Program and more!



You want to have a clearly defined and created culture, vision, and values in your family and home.


You feel like more is possible for your family.


You want to feel like you are winning as a family


You are committed to growth


You want to raise confident children who know clearly what they stand for


You want to be as intentional in your family as you are in your business and want a framework of how to do it.


You have a big vision and goals for what you want to achieve in life, but also want to raise children who are hardworking, independent, and grateful


You want more strength and courage to live a life of adventure and purpose together


You want the accountability and structure of weekly group calls


You want to be in conversation and have access to other like minded families who are intentional about growth


FamilyBrand-Tom Shieh Family

A Family Brand Story


I love family brand. As an entrepreneur I can relate to it. The very same things that we are doing for our businesses we can invest into our families. It’s crazy, As a business owner I’ve literally spent hundred of thousands of dollars on conferences, trainings, masterminds, courses and classes, but how often have I spent that kind of effort and invested in my family and my ability to lead and guide as the head of the household? I am so grateful for the experience that Family Brand has provided.

- Tom Shieh

A Family Brand Story

Neil & Wendi McKenna

"By the end of the program, we created a simple and powerful foundation that resonates with both of us and will serve our family as an anchor and a keystone. It’ll be so much easier to make decisions and choices with our beliefs spelled out in black-and-white. It was wonderful to hear from the other families. We’re all facing similar challenges and we all have opportunities to grow and be better for ourselves and for our kids. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."


Take Charge of Your Family’s Future with the “Level Up Your Family” Program from Family Brand

The world needs your family to be stronger now more than ever.

The ‘Level Up Your Family in 8 Weeks’ Live Experience is an opportunity for you to be as intentional in your family as you are in your business. The coolest part…you get to do it with fellow entrepreneurs. It’s so inspiring to see other families going for their dreams! Not only will you be given all the tools to help you Level Up your family but you will actually complete the program because of the built-in accountability.



$5,000 or 3 payments of $1,700
  • Includes Level Up Your Family Live Experience
    • Zoom Calls Every Other Week for 8 Weeks
    • Access to our online program. These videos are fun, short, and interactive. Each week has less than 1 hour of video content each week
    • World renowned research on what makes up strong, successful families.
    • 4 coaching calls. Calls are recorded in case you aren’t able to make it!
    • 2 implementation calls. These are designed to help you implement and live your Family’s Brand. This includes answering questions, sharing ideas, and helping with challenges as necessary.
    • The ‘Blueprint’. A guide that helps you implement and live your Family’s Brand daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Think of this as your operating system for your family.
    • Small Group Format to Connect with Other Like Minded Families
      - Built In Accountability to Complete the Videos Before the Calls Each Week
    • Access to Coaches to Ask Questions As You Go
    • Two Follow Up Group Calls 30 days and 60 days After Program Completion

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