Hey Guys! Chris and Melissa here with another Family Brand Podcast. This time of year is always an exciting time for us, not just because of the holidays and visiting family, but because we get to sit down as a family and really map out what our next year will be like. Now, you can do the same thing with your family, listen in as we talk about how you can make 2022 your best year yet!

For us, having the best year of our lives is not about making it happen no matter what, but heading into the new year with intention. The desires and dreams we set out to accomplish are not just about ticking something off of the “to-do” list. They’re about growing and stretching us to be better than we were the year before! Listen in as we talk about what this exercise has done for our family and how it actually works, we had the best year in 2021. 

You’ve probably heard us say “A family is only as strong as the individuals in it” and it’s true! Join us as we talk about the three questions that will have your whole family thinking about how they can have the best year personally and as a whole. We reflect on the things that worked in 2021, and some of the things that didn’t. As well as the plans we’re already making for 2022 and how we plan to get there! 

This episode is packed with practical tips to go into 2022 with a clear mind and a heart full of intention. We believe that this year could be your best year ever, do you? Grab a free copy of the worksheet we mentioned at and try it for yourself!

Till next time, 

Chris and Melissa

More Of What’s Inside:

  • Our tradition in the New Year
  • The one question you should ask yourself for the new year
  • A practical exercise to try with the whole family
  • Why 2021 was the best year of our lives
  • How hard times won’t make or break your year
  • Believing that the best is yet to come
  • Staying out of the past and focusing on the future
  • Practical tips to have the best year of your life
  • Finding the things that are most important to you
  • Seeking to understand not judge
  • Facing your limiting beliefs head-on
  • How to keep the pressure off and have fun
  • And much more!



Free course:

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 – What we cover today!
  • 0:42 – Why we love this time of year
  • 1:35 – The tradition we do every New Year’s Eve
  • 3:33 – Declaring your best year ever
  • 5:16 – What does it mean to have the best year ever?
  • 9:03 – How to use this exercise powerfully
  • 12:05 – Gathering input from the whole family
  • 14:15 – Why deadlines help us not hurt us
  • 18:19 – The goals we set for 2021 as a family
  • 21:08 – How we’ll have the best year in 2022
  • 24:14 – Closing thoughts

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