Strengthen Your Family

You Deserve to Be as Intentional with Your Family as You are with Your Business.

The most important investment you may ever make as an entrepreneur is in your family. The “Strengthen Your Family” Program empowers you to build your family’s future by design instead of by default.

As an entrepreneur, is your family getting the best of you or what’s left of you?

Most entrepreneurs tell us it comes more naturally for them to be intentional in their businesses than it does in their homes and families. 

Separated, on the edge of divorce, and entrepreneurs?
That was our story only a few years ago…


Hi, we’re Chris and Melissa Smith

Our marriage was on life support. We were separated, talking about a divorce, and our beautiful kids were caught in the mess. It wasn’t that we didn’t love each other or didn’t want a future. We did, but those weren’t the real culprit. It’s because we coasted. We let our life - our parenting, our marriage, our values - build itself by default instead of by design. We didn’t see ourselves as creators - and our family suffered because of that belief. Addiction ravaged our extended family and we knew we didn’t want that for ourselves or our kids.

What do you do when what you love the most is ready to leave your life for good?

We started creating a new narrative. What did it mean to be a Smith? What do Smiths stand for? What did we want to create in our lives? We made the courageous decision to take back our family. As we built our marriage back, we saw the cost it would take to create the life we craved. We had to intentionally build a stronger family. We had to take a stand for each other and our family. We get only one chance to raise our kids.

Every. Moment. Counts.

We want to raise strong, confident children. We want them to know who they are, love themselves, and believe in who they are. That’s what this is all about: building a strong family. We started sharing our story with others. What we learned. Mistakes we made. And we saw patterns showing up, especially with other entrepreneurs and their families. It led us to one powerful realization…

Entrepreneurs who invest only in their businesses often lose their families along the way.

“How much have you invested in building your business’ brand?”

Numbers echoed back at me. Tens of thousands of dollars. Hundreds of thousands. For a few, well over a million dollars. Everyone in the room understood the power of a brand. Of course, they did - this was one of the most high-performing groups of entrepreneurs I’ve ever encountered. My friend who organized the group and invited me to speak saw the setup for the next question.

“Now, how much have you invested in building your family’s brand?”

Silence. Nodding. Sounds of lightbulbs poppin’ into people’s minds. Entrepreneurs get it - you get it. You’re building a business that you may want to pass on to your children or an inheritance from selling your business.

The greatest inheritance you can ever give your children is a last name they’re proud to share.

That’s more powerful than real estate, money, or any other asset. We saw the difference in our own family. It’s why we did the hard work to invest in building a strong family. The payoff? We’re more in love than ever before, have incredible relationships with each of our kids, and have a stronger, healthier relationship as a family. And now, this is your chance to have that same type of experience for your family.

Take Charge of Your Family’s Future with the “Strengthen Your Family” Program from Family Brand

The world needs your family to be stronger now more than ever.

Strengthen Your Family Program

Strong families don’t happen by default. They’re built by design.

The first step in building a strong family is building your family’s brand. Your family’s brand defines what you stand for, the culture you’re committed to creating in your home, and what you’ll be remembered for as a family.

Your family's brand is the key to raising strong, confident, happy children who know who they are, love who they are, and believe in who they are. It is also the most powerful thing you can do to create relationships with your children that will last a lifetime.

You can define what your family stands for or the world will. That stand begins here with our “Strengthen Your Family” Program.

Here’s How the “Strengthen Your Family” Program Will
Transform Your Family for Good…

PILLAR 1: Uncovering Your Family’s Identity.

Your family’s roots are signs of where your family’s tree is growing. Knowing where you came from and the stories, moments, and decisions that shaped you growing up is foundational to who you believe you are. So many entrepreneurs start businesses as a ‘rebel move’, a defined shift away from traditional work-life practices.

You can make that same type of shift away from ‘good enough’ to create an incredible identity as a family. The confidence and clarity you can enjoy will guide you well into the future.

Families who know about their family history and ancestors are stronger. And research has proven this. “Children who have the most self-confidence have a strong “intergenerational self.” They know they belong to something bigger than themselves.” - Dr. Duke

Pillar 2: Unlock Your Narrative.

Who are we and what do we stand for as a family?

Families and their leaders have asked this question ever since the beginning. Your family has values - good or bad, even if you’ve never articulated them before. Your family has a story. Knowing who you are as a family, as a couple, as a parent, as a person will give you clarity to unlock  the narrative of your family and create your family’s values. More importantly, it will give you a lens to better see the values you want to embody as a family. The story you want to write and live. You have the power to create a culture of belonging in your home because of your narrative and values.

Pillar 3: Unleash Your Potential.

A cohesive family identity, a clear set of values, and a powerful vision will empower you and everyone in your home to unleash their full potential. This is accomplished through what we call ‘The Blueprint’. The Blueprint is how you unapologetically live your values daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Just like an intentional business would do.

Successful businesses have rhythms, processes, and systems that help them be more intentional. They don’t leave things to chance. Neither should families. It’s not enough to just create your Family’s Brand. We want to help you commit to it and live it. That’s a vision that can change the world, create otherworldly innovations, and foster a better future that you’ll be proud to pass on to the next generation.

Whether you realize it or not, you and your family are at a crossroads right now.

You can keep building your family by default - and it will likely keep creating heartache, frustration, or at least a sense of mediocrity… Or, you can build your family by design with the “Strengthen Your Family” Program.

“How Do I Know If This Is Right for Me?”

We understand - before you take this step, you want to know you have the right answers.

What Entrepreneurs and Their Families Are Saying…

"Family Brand was out of this world! It allowed us to go DEEP together. We laughed, cried, and created magic thanks to Melissa and Chris. We are engaged and it was truly divine timing that we signed up for this program! Through this process, we were able to see the through-line with all of our passions & values and create an incredibly big impact statement. We would recommend this to anyone! In fact, we would go again!"

Jess & Mark Angelini


"By the end of the program, we created a simple and powerful foundation that resonates with both of us and will serve our family as an anchor and a keystone. It’ll be so much easier to make decisions and choices with our beliefs spelled out in black-and-white. It was wonderful to hear from the other families. We’re all facing similar challenges and we all have opportunities to grow and be better for ourselves and for our kids. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Neil & Wendi McKenna

"It was so meaningful and inspiring to see our boys loving the process of helping create our Family’s Brand and define our values. And, we find ourselves using and sharing our family values all the time in real situaitons! For example if there is an argument amongst our boys we now simply remind them of one of our values “Hadley’s give our best to each other.” It has been so remarkable. I would recommend this to every family!

Geoff & Lindsay Hadley

Jess & Brad 3

How the “Strengthen Your Family” Program Can Work for Your Family


Watch the videos

We’ll walk you through the process of creating your Family Brand through short, easy to digest videos that can be watched a few minutes at a time.


Follow along in the Workbook

We outline the entire process in the workbook that you can easily fill out as you watch the videos, and when completed it is the blueprint for your family’s future!


Craft Your Family's Values

YOU can either define what your family stands for or the world will. Create more clarity and confidence in your family’s future. You’ve got this!

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“Strengthen Your Family” Is Perfect for You IF…

  • You want to be more connected as a family.
  • You feel like you don’t have enough time to be a family.
  • You want to be more aligned with your spouse or partner on how you are raising your children.
  • You want to learn to know how to build a strong family and create relationships that last.
  • You want to be more intentional as a family.
  • You are tired of operating from the ‘shoulds’ and ‘supposed tos’ that have been running you.
  • You want your family to use more powerful, positive, uplifting communication in your home.
  • You want tools to raise confident children who know who they are, love who they are, and believe in who they are.

Having more confidence, freedom, connection, and joy with your family is just one click away!