What does your family think about money? This powerful question could be the answer to shifting your family legacy forever! 

Today, we’re excited to bring you insights from Garrett Gunderson, a close friend and brilliant mind in the realms of wealth creation and preservation! Garrett’s journey is not just about accumulating wealth; it’s about investing in oneself and understanding the value of money in creating a fulfilling life.

Garrett shared the transformative impact of involving his family in his entrepreneurial ventures, highlighting the importance of exposing children to the value creation process. He believes that teaching kids and even ourselves to invest in our passions and interests is crucial. This approach fosters a sense of worth and encourages personal growth beyond just financial gains.

One of the most powerful takeaways from our chat was the concept of money being a tool for exchange, not a measure of our value. By shifting the conversation around money from scarcity to abundance, we can inspire our children and ourselves to see money as a byproduct of adding value to the world.

Garrett’s new children’s book, “I Am Money,” introduces these concepts in a way that’s accessible and engaging for kids, encouraging them to see themselves as valuable beyond their material possessions. It’s a must-read for families looking to instill healthy financial habits and a positive mindset about wealth from an early age.

We love how Garrett gives families freedom in the journey and helps us all understand that utilizing money effectively is ongoing. It’s about progress, not perfection. Let’s continue to learn, grow, and support each other in creating a family culture that values personal growth, contribution, and meaningful success.

Ready to dive deeper into these insights and learn how to foster a healthy relationship with money in your family? Hit play now and let’s invest in ourselves and our families, shaping a future where money serves as a tool for fulfilling our true potential.


Don’t forget to check out Garrett’s book “I Am Money” for a fun and educational read with your kids! Find the link for that and to our Family Brand Course below! 




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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 00:43 Introduction to Guest Garrett Gunderson
  • 01:33 Sharing Personal Experiences and Bonding
  • 01:57 Travel Adventures and Challenges
  • 02:36 Entrepreneurial Mindset and Family Involvement
  • 03:00 Teaching Kids About Money and Value Creation
  • 04:53 Involving Kids in Business and Learning
  • 05:40 Family Meetings and Value Discussions
  • 06:20 Family Values and Rules
  • 07:11 Exposing Kids to Value Creation
  • 08:29 Inviting Kids into Our Lives
  • 14:35 Teaching Kids About Earning Money
  • 20:00 The Impact of Owning More
  • 25:29 Raising Kids with a Healthy Money Mindset
  • 25:46 The Power of Language in Shaping Our Money Mindset
  • 26:43 Reframing Our Questions Around Money
  • 27:00 The Negative Narratives We Hold About Money
  • 27:37 Money as a Byproduct, Not a Measure of Value
  • 28:15 Exploring Our Personal Money Stories
  • 28:48 The Impact of Social Media on Our Perception of Wealth
  • 29:37 Investing in Ourselves: The Ultimate Bet
  • 31:08 The Importance of Asking Better Questions
  • 31:27 Money as a Store of Value, Not a Measure of Worth
  • 33:11 The Power of Investing in Yourself
  • 33:43 The Emotional Charge Around Money
  • 43:36 The Importance of Enjoying the Process, Not Just the Outcome
  • 46:06 Final Thoughts: Progress, Not Perfection
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