WARNING: We know a lot of our listeners listen to our show with kiddos in the car or in the room. That’s why we wanted to let you know at the top that we are going to be covering the topic of pornography and keeping your kids safe from assault. We won’t go into graphic detail or anything like that, but our conversation is more geared toward the parents or guardians of kids. 

Welcome to episode 103 of the Family Brand Podcast! Okay, it’s time to have some #RealTalk about porn and how to protect our kids in 2022 and beyond. Technology isn’t going anywhere and we are a part of a forerunning generation of Parents who are learning what it means to have a healthy approach to screens and the internet. 

We are excited to welcome special guest Kristen Jensen to the show to help cover this very important topic of kids and pornography. After getting many DMs and questions from parents in our Family Brand Course about this topic we knew we had to bring in an expert.

Kristen is the founder of and the Author of the number one bestselling book “Good pictures, bad pictures” the guide to “porn proofing”  young kids. She is also the executive producer of the brain defense, digital safety curriculum, a powerful and engaging video-based course for families and educators.

During this powerful conversation, Kristen will share briefly about her journey and why she is so passionate about this topic. You’ll also get practical tips and advice on what to do if your kids have already seen porn, how to start protecting your kids now, how porn affects brain development, and more! 

We hope you leave this conversation feeling empowered and equipped to have a better conversation about porn and other important topics in your home. Also, if you have parents in your friend group or community, please share this information with them! 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • The brain science of porn
  • The difference between a thinking and feeling brain 
  • When the average kid first sees porn
  • How to help your kids be safer on the internet 
  • Why parents should always stay calm around this topic
  • What to say to your kids about porn (at any age) 
  • How to teach your kids sex/body parts aren’t “bad”
  • Helping your kids have a healthy approach to sex
  • Where art crosses the line into porn
  • And much more!

Links For This Episode: 



 Free course:

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:07 What’s inside this episode 
  • 3:45 How Kristen Jenson became passionate about this topic 
  • 7:45 The best time to start the conversation with your children
  • 11:29 Taking control of the conversation 
  • 17:05 The effects of addictions on the brain 
  • 20:23 What to do if your kids have seen porn
  • 30:35 Why 7-11 is such an important age 
  • 36:00 Porn is the opposite of healthy sex
  • 41:36 Final thoughts and advice 


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