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Hey, Family Brand crew! It’s just me today, Melissa, and I want to share an adventure that truly embodied our family’s spirit of fun and spontaneity. Recently, I whisked away three of our kids on an impromptu road trip to catch the eclipse—a decision fueled by our family’s motto of preferring experiences over things and embracing adventure.

This escapade wasn’t just about chasing the shadow of the moon; it was a testament to living out our values and showing that fun, in its most unbridled form, is at the heart of family life. Our journey, filled with last-minute plans, lost sleep, and a desperate hunt for eclipse glasses (which we triumphantly found), was a wild ride of making memories. Despite the challenges, it reminded us of the joy found in spontaneity and the shared experiences that bring us closer.

Our mission with Family Brand is to inspire families to inject more fun, more play, and more connection into every day. Or whatever fits into their own “family brand” This trip, with its ups and downs, was a perfect example of seizing the moment to create joy and laughter, proving that the best family times often come from the simplest acts of playing together.

So, let’s take this as a nudge to find those moments of fun in our lives. Whether it’s a spontaneous adventure or finding joy in the little things like a new family club, remember: family life is meant to be fun. Dive into this episode to hear all about our eclipse adventure and how we’re finding fun in every corner of our lives. Hit play now and let’s spread the joy of living adventurously together!

P.S. We’re excited to hear about your fun family adventures! Share with us your stories and how you’re bringing more play into your life. Connect with us via the links below! 




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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:14 Inside our adventure chasing the eclipse with the kids.
  • 0:53 Why sprinkling fun into our family life is so vital and what sparked by our spontaneous road trip.
  • 1:24 Choosing experiences over things, echoing our family’s yearly motto.
  • 2:10 How our family values, like embracing adventure, nudged us to say “yes” to chasing the eclipse across states.
  • 3:07 The epic drive to Texas unfolds: Filled with anticipation, giggles, and a bit of chaos in search of eclipse glasses.
  • 4:13 The adventure gets real: Turning every moment into a mini-adventure.
  • 10:00 A nudge to all families: inject more fun, more play, and more laughter into every day.


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