Hey there, Family Brand community! Chris and Melissa here, and we’re excited to bring you a topic that really hits home—commitment, particularly around managing and reclaiming our family time.

In this episode, we share some personal stories and insights, like the saga of our matching white Toyotas and what they symbolize about our values and choices. We talk about the challenges and joys of balancing family life, work, and personal ambitions.

We also introduce an incredible resource that Melissa has been pouring her heart into—our new guide, “Take Back Your Family’s Time.” This guide is all about identifying where your time goes, categorizing its use, and learning to say no to the non-essentials so you can say yes to what truly matters. It’s designed to help families create more intentional, connected, and enjoyable time together.

If you’ve ever felt like your family is being pulled in too many directions, this episode, and especially the guide, is for you. Ready to transform how your family spends time? Hit play now, and let’s explore together how we can reclaim and enrich our family time.

Remember, it’s about designing our time rather than letting it design us. Check out the guide in the show notes linked below or on our social media pages. Let’s make the most out of every moment with our loved ones!


Take Back Your Family’s Time with this Guide! Download Now:



NEW: What Culture are You Creating In Your Family?

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:01 The story behind our new matching white Toyotas and what they mean to us!
  • 0:53 Melissa’s surprise Christmas gift to Chris—a truck! The tale of gratitude and generosity.
  • 3:18 Why we created the Family Brand Academy and how it can help you take back your family’s time!
  • 4:01 Introducing our new guide: “Take Back Your Family’s Time” and why it’s a game-changer for your schedule.
  • 5:00 Tackling the chaos: Why so many families feel overwhelmed by their schedules.
  • 6:34 Creating more than just ‘time together’—making every moment with family truly count.
  • 7:29 The importance of reassessing and realigning our family time to stay true to our values.
  • 9:18 A powerful quote from Stephen R. Covey on choosing the best over the good.
  • 10:53 The ongoing journey of saying ‘no’ to free up time for what really matters in family life.


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