Almost every couple has had an argument that starts and then next thing you know, it’s three hours later and you’re like…what are we even arguing about? How did we get here? You hit the point where you have talked yourself silly. Moments like that are exactly what this episode will help you avoid! 

Welcome back to another episode of the Family Brand Podcast! Recently, we were at our top 20 most downloaded episodes of the show since we began. One episode that made the list was our second episode, “Your Words Create the Culture in Your Home.” 

We get feedback on that show often, so many of you guys have reached out with requests like “Hey, can you go even deeper on that topic? Maybe with examples of how it applies in other relationships?” if you were one of those people, this episode for you! Today we revisited the conversation of language and how you create a culture in your home through words. This time we are going to focus in specifically on how you speak with your spouse or significant other! 

Think about it this way, every time we speak it creates something. But WHAT are we creating? Join us as we discuss several examples of how you can start creating the relationship of your dreams just by changing the way you speak to each other. This is one of those episodes that can come with a serious guarantee! If you apply any of these ideas and mindset shifts we cover into today’s show, you will literally start to see your life-changing for the better. (And fast!)

However, that guarantee comes with a challenge. Or maybe a condition would be a better word. As parents and leaders of our families, it’s our responsibility to set the mood and the energy for our home. If we want to see a change, we have to take action and be the ones to change it. Why? Because learning alone isn’t enough to take back your family. It’s going to take you maybe doing something differently or using new language.  If you finish this episode, we want to see you take action! (including us) 

Let’s spend this week talking about the things we want in our marriage vs what we hate about our marriage. Let’s spend more time talking about the things that we’re committed to rather than the things you “need to do one day.” Let’s spend more time building each other up with words and not wrecking each other down. Hit play to start upgrading your relationship in 25 minutes or less! 

If you would like us to take another angle on this topic or how it applies to other relationships in your life, reach out to us! We want to cover as many topics as you need. Connect with us and find more free resources below in the “link” section. 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • Why kindness really is key
  • Why the “D” word shouldn’t be in your vocab
  • One thing that could be hindering your relationship
  • How to use words that build and not destroy 
  • What it takes to lead your family better
  • Keeping the gloves on
  • None of us are going to be perfect at this
  • How to create the relationship you want
  • What words/phrases to never use again
  • Examples of better words to use with your spouse 
  • And much more!


Poem Melissa Shares:



Free course:

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:54 Welcome back! Here is what we cover today
  • 2:22 How to up-level your marriage with language
  • 2:40 The best book Chris has read in a while 
  • 4:11 How to create the relationships we want
  • 6:30 The common phrases that are more hurtful than you think
  • 10:00 The benefits of being future-focused
  • 12:40 Are you a builder of your language? 
  • 15:35 What Chris has learned about negative self-talk
  • 17:07 How to have difficult conversations with your loved ones

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