Autism: A journey often misunderstood and undersupported…this conversation completely changed our outlook!

Hello Family Brand community! It’s Melissa here, and in this episode, I’m excited to bring you the amazing story of Patrick Hardy. Patrick is a remarkable father, author, illustrator, and a true pioneer in the realm of children’s literature about autism. I found his content online by chance, and I am so grateful…

His works and message have completely shifted our view on autism and how we can support families that have a child on the spectrum. 

His journey began in response to a deeply personal challenge: when his son, Sam was diagnosed with autism, Patrick discovered a significant lack of resources in children’s books on the subject.

This revelation led to the birth of the “My friend Sam” series, a collection of books that not only reflects Patrick’s experiences with his son but also serves as a vital tool for families and educators in understanding and embracing the world of autism. With 14 books in French and 11 in English, Patrick has created a universe that resonates with countless families, bridging gaps and building connections.

My conversation with Patrick sheds light on the transformative power of storytelling. His approach to writing and illustrating is not just about sharing personal stories; it’s about sparking conversations, fostering empathy, and promoting a culture of acceptance. This aligns seamlessly with what we believe here at Family Brand – the importance of understanding and celebrating each family member’s unique journey.

Today, we dive into how Patrick’s work has brought hope and understanding for many families. His journey from being a father grappling with his son’s autism diagnosis to becoming an influential author and advocate is a profound example of turning personal experiences into opportunities for wide-reaching impact.

Ready to be moved and motivated by Patrick Hardy’s incredible journey? Press play now to dive deep into our conversation, and discover how his story can inspire your own family’s journey of understanding and acceptance. 




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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 00:00 Introduction and Meeting Patrick Hardy
  • 02:02 The Beginning of the Conversation 
  • 03:39 Patrick’s Journey with His Son, Sam
  • 07:38 The Diagnosis and Its Impact
  • 10:12 Sam’s Journey with Autism
  • 12:32 Creating Awareness Through Art
  • 16:32 The ‘My Friend Sam’ Book Series
  • 27:54 The Importance of Inclusion and Understanding
  • 28:25 Sam’s Dreams and Goals
  • 37:18 The Importance of Support and Understanding
  • 41:01 Conclusion: The Challenges and Triumphs of Parenting a Child with Autism
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