Hey guys! Chris and Melissa here, have you ever had a tingle in the back of your mind, a little idea that makes you want to step out and try a new experience with your family? 

One of the questions we get asked most is “Why did you decide to move to Hawaii?” and while it was a leap of faith there are steps we’ve been taking for years that helped support our move. We each have had our own share of adventures together and it’s something that we really wanted to incorporate into our family. We discuss our family value of being adventurous and how that has fostered curiosity and excitement within our kids and ourselves.

We tell the story about how we even got the idea, trusting in ourselves, and all the other blessings that happened to make moving a possibility. The call for your family may not be as big as moving across an ocean but we are sure that there is a dream within you that is just waiting for you to step out and do it. Even if you aren’t sure what that dream is yet, we talk about how you can be more aware and never miss a call to adventure again. 

Listen as we talk about the importance of dreams and why you shouldn’t wait any longer to take action. Take the adventure and run with it! You won’t regret it. 

Listen now!

More of What We Talk About:

  • How we started vacationing differently
  • Planting the seed of getting out of Arizona
  • Why we chose Hawaii
  • Fostering curiosity in our family through travel
  • How we managed to travel responsibly during COVID
  • Answering the call of adventure
  • Adding adventurous as a family value 
  • How we sold everything and started with a clean slate
  • Learning the culture we moved into
  • Making time for things we feel called to do
  • The different adventures our family has been called to do
  • Learning to live in the present 
  • And much more!




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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:41 What to expect today
  • 2:29 Finding your family voice 
  • 4:19 What planted the seeds for our Hawaiian adventure 
  • 8:24 How traveling has made a difference in our family
  • 12:34 When we knew it was time for a new routine
  • 15:52 You can be who want to be
  • 16:20 Practical ways we moved to Hawaii with easy
  • 20:53 Every great adventure requires massive action 
  • 26:46 What adventure is calling you?
  • 28:04 Other adventures we have felt called to
  • 31:50 Expect for people not to approve of your adventure

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