Hey guys, Chris and Melissa here!

There are so many cliches and sayings in our culture revolving around money, like “We can’t afford that” or “Money is the root of all evil” or even “We’re never going to get ahead” and we get it we have said those exact phrases once or twice in our lives and even when we started making more we leaned towards being negative. 

But then we realized that the way we interacted with money would influence how our kids viewed money. 

Today we have a conversation about the beliefs and stories we have regarding money, and income and how we can work to balance needs while still growing. We’ve been working on our mindsets for about 10 years now and still have to catch ourselves when we almost say “we can’t afford that”. The amazing thing is, as we started changing our mindsets it gave us opportunities to create more abundance in our lives. 

We talk about a moment that changed how Chris viewed time and money, setting both our minds on growing a healthier relationship with money and the impact we could make through it. We’ll share the strategy and steps we take to expand our horizons and create income instead of shutting it down immediately and how this has affected our family for the better.

Like we said it is a journey, but if you’re willing to challenge the limiting beliefs that you may hold about money then you can move past the struggle and start to grow a better life for you and your family. To see where our journey goes and stay connected follow us on social media by clicking the links in the show notes!

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More of What We Talk About:

  • Understanding what your ‘story’ about money is
  • Confronting our money stories
  • The moment Chris started thinking about money differently
  • Understanding the value of your time
  • How we put ourselves in a position to create
  • The moment we started betting on ourselves
  • Avoiding language that sets limits
  • Having a healthy relationship with money
  • Setting a good example for our kids
  • Being intentional with our money and looking for an opportunity
  • Our strategy when working with money
  • The two questions we ask ourselves when making a purchase
  • How to find a new vision
  • The 3 affirmations you can say about money every day
  • And much more!




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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:49 How the Smith’s are serving their community
  • 2:14 Let’s talk about your story around money
  • 5:01 The moment that changed the way Chris sees money
  • 10:43 The dangerous part of training time for money
  • 18:08 the power of shifting your language around money
  • 19:32 Approaching conversation conversations with your kids
  • 23:53 The flow state of money
  • 27:03 How delegating task can bless other people
  • 30:07 Extra money can help you serve more people
  • 31:17 the story behind this episode
  • 34:20 The “how” never matters
  • 41:09 The ROI of investing in yourself
  • 45:14 Celebrate the small wins
  • 47:27 Are you showing up as a partner in your conversations?

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