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Hey there, welcome back to our Family Brand Podcast! Today, we’re chatting about our recent family trip to Europe – the places we visited, the fun we had, and the stuff we learned. It was a five-week adventure that made us see things in a new light.

We have chatted with a few people about our trip along the way and the responses were all surprisingly similar. Things like “Must be nice.” or, “We could never do a trip like that.” were fast replies from many. If you have ever thought something like that when dreaming of a family vacation we want to challenge you and say – why not?

We’re here to tell you, it’s not about luck, but about being willing to take that step and believe in what’s possible for you and your family! At Family Brand, we believe you too can live a life full of adventures with your family! Hit play to hear how!

Europe was a mix of bustling cities and quiet little towns. We found that a good life doesn’t need extravagance; it’s about being content and enjoying the simple things. The best part of our trip was the time we spent together as a family. Whether it was wandering around Florence or hiking in the Swiss Alps, we made memories that strengthened our bond. Our kids experienced history firsthand, which made learning so much more exciting.

One lesson we learned was the power of “Why not?” We met a couple in Florence who taught us to be curious and open-minded. Life becomes a lot more interesting when we break free from limitations and seek out solutions.

Our trip to Europe wasn’t just a vacation, it was a chance to grow as a family and gain some valuable insights. So, let’s get started, hit play and join us as we share our European adventures and what we learned along the way.




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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:41 Introduction and preview to their family adventures to Europe 
  • 2:00 Reflecting on the purpose of Family Brand and inspiring families to live a bigger life of adventure and possibility
  • 4:00 Addressing the common responses of people who feel they will never have similar experiences
  • 6:30 Sharing the lessons and experiences from their trip to Europe
  • 7:00 Exploring the simple yet beautiful lives of people in different countries
  • 8:30 Discussing the contrasting experiences of busy city life and peaceful countryside
  • 10:30 Highlighting the energy and possibilities observed in a couple they stayed with in Florence
  • 12:00 Emphasizing the importance of adopting a “why not” attitude and pressing the easy button
  • 15:00 Reflecting on the impact of witnessing historical sites and landmarks on their children
  • 16:20 Sharing the importance of understanding children’s thresholds and balancing historical tours
  • 16:20 Italy: Discussing the freshness of local food and visiting farmers’ markets in Rome.
  • 17:20 Overcoming overwhelm: Breaking down trip planning into manageable steps and taking action.
  • 20:47 Franklin Barbecue and Pepe and Granny: Sharing stories of visiting famous food spots and the importance of saying yes to experiences.
  • 24:20 Reflections on the trip: Expressing gratitude and reflecting on family and personal growth.
  • 28:40 – Croatia: Highlighting the joy of being around entrepreneurial families and appreciating the country’s beauty.
  • 30:29 Closing thoughts, what’s holding you back? Why not go, why not say yes? 
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