Agreements and expectations. For many families, these two terms can be interchangeable. However, for parents who want to build their family by design, and not by default need to understand the difference. The results can lead to less fighting, more peace in your home, and not to mention the life lessons and character-building your kids learn along the way.

Welcome back to another episode of the Family Brand Podcast! Chris here and today I am flying solo for an episode. Melissa asked me to take the microphone on this topic because I am so passionate about it after seeing the power of this play out first hand in the Smith household. 

The power of coming into agreement as a family isn’t just a nice saying or about “getting along with each other better.” If you have listened to the show before, you know that we like to treat our family as a team. Of course, Melissa and I are the captains but just like in any great team, it takes commitment from every player. 

It can be frustrating for the entire family when little chores fall through the cracks like dirty dishes, taking out the trash, walking the dog, etc. Understanding agreements vs expectations could be helpful in situations like this, but this conversation can go a lot deeper than to-dos and housework. 

Understanding everyone’s expectations and agreements around family time, self-care, time with friends, hobbies, sports and more can lead to overall more peace and fulfillment for every member of your family. 

Hit play if you want to start saving time, energy, and frustration in your family with this simple and practical concept. Within minutes you’ll understand what an agreement actually is and how to effectively communicate it to your family. You’ll also learn how to find opportunities to instill family values, what happens when an agreement is broken, and more.

We hope this episode gives you another tool that will help you build the family and culture you want for your #FamilyBrand! Scroll down to find more free resources or ways to connect with us!

More Of What’s Inside:

  • The key to upgrading any family culture
  • What an agreement means (and why it matters)
  • Co-creating with your family
  • How agreements save everyone time
  • Never fight with your kids about chores again
  • Clarifying expectations and how to communicate them
  • Building a foundation of values
  • Valuing and meetings other’s needs
  • And much more!



Free course:

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:53 – Welcome to episode 71!
  • 2:36 – Expectations and their implications
  • 5:33 – What it really means to be in agreement
  • 8:56 – Instilling the concept of value
  • 12:34 – The importance of clarity with expectations
  • 13:43 – Using agreements as a parenting tool
  • 14:47 – What co-creation looks like with your spouse
  • 16:56 – Showing up when agreements are tested
  • 18:21 – What to do if the agreement isn’t kept
  • 18:52 – Closing thoughts

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