Hey guys! Chris and Melissa here, with kids, comes sacrifice. But is it possible for two busy parents to pursue their dreams while also raising a family? 

Today we cover something that Chris and I have been wanting to talk about for a while, but we never felt fully prepared. We wanted to wait until we really had it figured out and now that we’ve spent about 15+ years navigating this journey we can safely say, that it’s always been a little messy. We thought instead of telling you how we’ve mastered it we’d give you an inside look at our journey, messes and all. You’ll hear what we wish we knew back then and how we could have helped support each other in our dreams sooner. 

Join us as we talk about the importance of finding and pursuing your dream as a parent. You’ve heard us say before “strong individuals make strong families” and we parents are not exempt from that. We have found that investing in ourselves has not only made us better individuals but it’s helped us become stronger parents as well. You’ll learn our best tips and tricks for managing the ebb and flow of family and dreams as well as how you can engage the whole family when making a decision that requires some sacrifice. As parents, we want the best life for our kids and sometimes that looks like reaching out, chasing our dreams, and setting an example. Learn from two different experiences on how you can navigate this journey with your spouse and how you can start finding your new dream. 

We hope this message inspires you to breathe into your own dreams and start a new path to the life you’ve always wanted. To follow us on social and get in touch, check out the links below!

More of What We Talk About:

  • Supporting your spouse outside of your family
  • Having honest communication and intention
  • Giving space for someone to realize their dream
  • The importance of being open to your spouse’s dream
  • Tips on how to handle new dreams
  • Being flexible and finding the balance of dreams and family
  • Leaning into the unknown and its possibilities
  • Dealing with parenting guilt while pursuing your dreams
  • Inspiring your children by going for your goals
  • Talking about how we’ve grown after pursuing our dreams more
  • Why your dream doesn’t have to be huge
  • Committing to dreams as a family
  • And much more!




Free course:

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:42 – What we cover today
  • 5:44 – Having patience with the process
  • 10:16 – Seeking clarity in your dream
  • 15:11 – Helping them take the leap
  • 20:18 – Calling out overworking
  • 25:23 – Being honest on how far we’ve come
  • 31:34 – Tips on starting this journey together
  • 34:31 – Deciding to pursue dreams as a family
  • 36:48 – Closing thoughts

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