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Have you ever thought, “I REALLY wish I/we had more time!”

If so, you are going to love this episode.

Dan Martell is an entrepreneur, angel investor and became a highly sought-after coach in the SaaS industry after exiting three technology companies within a ten-year period. He’s also an Ironman athlete, philanthropist, husband, and father of two incredible boys.

We recently had the opportunity to take him and his wife, Renee through our Family Brand Level Up Your Family program.

This week he launched his amazing book ‘Buy Back Your Time’.

Dan is an expert when it comes to figuring out how to free up more of your time so you can do the things that light you up while making more income and a bigger impact in the world.

One of the things we constantly hear from families is they don’t feel like they have enough time. And, oftentimes this seems impossible for families to figure out how to take back their time. There are so many demands coming at them from every direction.

In this episode, Dan will share some really creative and practical ways that every family can take back more of their time, so they can focus on being a family, doing the things that light them up, and making a big difference in the world.

In fact, we have already begun to experience the benefits of what Dan teaches. Recently, we implemented one of his strategies to buy back a significant amount of time each week that we are now using to further our mission of building and strengthening families.

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More Of What’s Inside:

  • A first look into Dan’s new book – Buy Back Your Time
  • Practical examples of how we are creating more time in our week
  • You deserve to make your life a little easier by outsourcing 
  • Invest in activities that bring you happiness and financial success
  • How to support your community by outsourcing and delegating tasks like meal prep, grocery shopping
  • A million-dollar lifestyle is more achievable than you think!
  • Common struggles that hold back most families from living their dreams
  • Why Dan is a raving fan of the Family Brand Program
  • How Dan positively transformed all the relationships in his life
  • And much more!

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 Free course:

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 1:28 Get to know Dan Martell
  • 2:13 The biggest changes most families struggle with 
  • 4:30 The moment everything changed for Dan
  • 7:33 When Dan started buying his time
  • 10:50 Dan’s advice for every family who needs more time
  • 13:26 Overcoming the shame of outsourcing 
  • 18:34 Teaching your kids responsibility even when you have a maid
  • 22:28 the power of investing in your family 
  • 28:00 Learning from others and how they save time
  • 34:48 Reframing your mindset to worthiness and possibility 


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