As a busy entrepreneurial family, you are faced with hundreds of ways to invest your time, money, and energy daily. But are you investing where it really counts? 

We believe the best investment we can make as spouses and parents is always in our own personal growth and self-development. But what happens when one person in the couple grows more than the other?

Welcome back to another episode of the Family Brand Podcast! In this show, we share the importance of growing together in marriage rather than growing apart. We understand this can be easier said than done. We all grow at different speeds and in different ways.

Plus, when you have young kids, you and your spouse may be in different seasons in life when it comes to careers or personal goals. Recently we took a trip to Texas together, and it reminded us of how far we have come in our own personal development journey.

Trust us, we aren’t anywhere near finished, but we are proud of the journey so far. Hit play to hear our advice for growing together with your spouse, practical examples of how we learn and have shared experiences together, how to respond if your spouse doesn’t want to grow with you and so much more. 

Being willing to try new things and step out of our comfort zones to grow and become greater is one of the best gifts we can give our kids. They are watching our every move and learning how to do this thing called life so let’s show them how to invest in their greatest asset, themselves! 


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More Of What’s Inside:

  • What prevents relationships from growing apart
  • How Melissa developed her own identity and new skills
  • Our recent trip to Austin, Texas
  • Why we take four annual getaways together to focus on personal growth
  • How to spark conversations by sharing a podcast
  • The importance of self-awareness
  • Overcoming the victim mentality
  • Growing apart can happen to every couple 
  • And much more!

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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:42 What inspired today’s conversation
  • 2:06 The special ability only leaders have
  • 6:27  The importance of growing together 
  • 8:30 How Melissa’s personal development journey started 
  • 11:36 The value of a shared experience 
  • 15:00 The truth about growth and transformation
  • 17:38 Lyrics all couples need to hear 
  • 19:41 What to do if you’re the only one growing
  • 21:35 Only you can take ownership of you


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