Parenting is a challenging journey, full of uncertainty and self-doubt. 

It can be hard to know if you are doing the right thing when it comes to parenting your kids and loving them on an individual level to ensure all their needs are met both emotionally and physically.

Welcome back to the Family Brand Podcast! Melissa here for another show and If you agree with the statement above, this episode will blow your mind. Fair warning before you dive into today’s content, you may want to grab a pin and paper or your digital equivalent so you can take notes. This episode is packed with valuable tips all parents need to hear! 

Hit play to meet the one and only Crystal Haitsma. Crystal is known as the “parenting coach” and talks with us about how to trust yourself as a parent. Crystal has a unique approach to parenting and I was excited to hear more about it face-to-face. 

I stumbled upon Crystal’s Instagram and after scrolling through a few posts I had to know more. I  was immediately drawn to her connection-based parenting method. Crystal explains that the connection-based parenting method is all about building a strong relationship with your children and It’s about being present, listening actively, and understanding your child’s perspective.

It’s not about being tyrannical or controlling but rather about being a guide for your child and learning how to help and love them in the best way possible. For most of us, this approach to parenting is 100% the opposite of what we experienced growing up. 

Learning how to parent in a new way can seem daunting at first or your temptation may be to run out and grab every book you can find on parenting and self-development you can find. Either way, you’ll learn during our conversation that building a better relationship with your child may be easier than you think.

Why? Because you have everything you need to succeed inside you. Crystal reminds us of the fundamental truths of self-care and how if we take care of ourselves we can better serve our kids and families. You’ll also hear her advice on how to trust your intuition, how to overcome the battles in your mind, how to not repeat the pain of your past and so much more. 

It’s okay to make mistakes and remember that being a perfect parent is impossible. However, we know there is always room for growth! We look forward to relistening to this episode over and over again to learn more from Crystal. To reach out to us or learn more about our guests, follow the links below! 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • Crystal’s approach as a parenting coach
  • Why it’s so easy to want a certain behavior from your kids
  • It’s never too late to change your relationship with your kids
  • Self-healing is both daunting and empowering
  • The difference between thought work and emotional work
  • What to do if you feel like melting down
  • Melisa gets coached live on the podcast
  • How Crystal got started parenting coaching 
  • The power of connection based parenting
  • And much more!

Links For This Episode: 



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:52 How Crystal and Melissa met 
  • 1:33 What Crystal does as a parenting couch
  • 7:01 What is connection-based parenting 
  • 9:35 How to show up with different energy with your kids
  • 14:50 Shifting your perspective as a parent
  • 17:01 Why it’s important to connect with your teenager 
  • 22:28 You have the power inside of yourself for you or your kids
  • 27:18 Your past will affect your parenting 
  • 31:47 How to start being a better parent today
  • 35:20 What to do when you’re overly stimulated
  • 40:02 Teaching your kids how to process emotions 
  • 45:57  How to learn more from Crystal 
  • 47:57 Books about parenting you may love
  • 51:33 How to take control of your thoughts and mindset


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