Whether it’s falling off their bike, a sporting accident, or too much rough housing with siblings, as parents we hate to see when our kids get hurt. When it’s a physical injury the next action steps and questions to ask are a little obvious. How bad is it? Is something broken? Is there blood? Do we need a Doctor? Etc. However, when our kids get their feelings hurt, what to do next isn’t always as clear…

Welcome back to another episode of The Family Brand Podcast! Recently, our 5-year-old daughter Indie came to us because a little boy at the park said something that had her questioning her identity. In passing, the boy said  “You’re weird” and then proceeded to laugh and walk away. If you know our Indie girl, you know that she lives life at 100% and she feels every emotion. When she is happy, she is overjoyed. When she is sad, she is down in the dumps. When she is having fun, she is the life of the party and everyone is having fun. 

In the same way, if her feelings are hurt, she feels every part of that emotion. Of course, Chris’ natural reaction was to figure out where the kid lived and we could go talk to (or beat up lol) the little boy’s Dad. Like most moments in parenting, your first reaction may not be the best. After our daughter opened up about what happened and how she felt, we knew we had an opportunity to redefine those words and help her see her true identity. 

Hit play to hear the practical questions we asked her, how we took a negative moment and turned it into a family memory of love and support, how we got her siblings involved, and more importantly how we have created a culture where our kids feel like they can talk to us about anything. 

After our conversation and family time, Indie said that the next time she sees that little boy at the park, she isn’t going to be mean or say nasty words back, she will simply say –

“My family likes me, and I’m beautiful!”

It’s hard, but struggling and confronting what others say and think about you is just a part of life. It’s our job as parents to help our kids navigate through those moments with love so when they are out on their own, they become unstoppable. For more free resources to start building your Family Brand, check out the links below!

PS: Shout out to our son Tanner for the great introduction!

More Of What’s Inside:

  • How to help your kids remember who they are
  • What makes kids not want to talk to their parents
  • The red light and the green light mindset
  • A special introduction from Tanner
  • Navigating the human experience
  • Questions we ask our kids when their feelings are hurt
  • Why it’s important for parents to listen
  • The Smith family’s new definition of “weird” 
  • And much more!



Free course:

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:54 A special introduction to this episode
  • 3:30 Encouraging your kids when they come to you 
  • 8:49 Why it matters what you think of yourself
  • 10:57 It’s okay to be a little “weird”
  • 12:19 What dictates your identity
  • 16:07 How to help your kids identify their emotions
  • 18:57 Going through hard things is necessary for growth

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