Welcome back to another episode! Chris and Melissa here with After living in Hawaii last year, it has fundamentally changed some ways in which we do life. In Hawaii, where we lived, nearly everyone drove old cars, and the only thing that mattered was if it would get you to the beach (and Costco!) dependably or not. 

Now that we’re back on the ‘mainland,’ we are asking ourselves and really looking closely at what kind of cars we want to drive. Does the car you drive matter? It’s really much deeper than just what car you want to drive- it’s looking at decisions you make and asking yourself why you make them. If you want to own a nice car (or watch/boat/house/horse, etc.), for example, is it because that’s something you really want and is important to you? Or is it more deeply motivated by what you want other people to think about you? 

Interestingly, we have had people comment to us lately in Arizona that they wonder if we’re successful based on the cars we’re currently driving. It’s so interesting! Do we hold judgment and form opinions of people based on their vehicle? Whether it’s a 150k+ car or a clunker, do you form opinions of the car owner based on what they drive? Is it important to signal to yourself and others success by what car you drive? These are the types of questions that we have been asking ourselves for the past six months, and it’s led to really thought-provoking conversations.

We knew we had to bring this topic to the podcast! Honestly, we don’t have a black and white opinion on the matter because we are still deciding for ourselves and processing in real-time. We know this isn’t a traditional episode and may not leave you with an actionable tip you can apply in your family. However, if you stick around to the end, we think these questions could lead you to a greater level of self-awareness and maybe open up a few thought-provoking rabbit holes for you and your spouse to chat about. 

Once you’ve listened, this is definitely not a one-sided conversation! Do you have thoughts on this topic? We would love to hear from you! Follow the links below to reach out to us and submit any topic ideas you’d love to hear our thoughts on. 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • Hawaii vs. the Mainland
  • What we have learned since living in AZ 
  • Our crazy story with car rentals
  • The cars we have driven through our marriage
  • What it means when someone says “business opportunity” 
  • Common misconceptions about cars
  • Should a car motivate you?
  • And much more!

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Episode Minute By Minute:

What Does Your Car Say About You? Life Back

  • 0:56 The thought-provoking conversation we had to share
  • 1:45 The car culture in Hawaii 
  • 4:30 When we got confronted by “the stuff”
  • 6:46 Funny reactions people have had to our cars
  • 8:22 What does your car say to you?
  • 13:33 Why it’s fun to keep people guessing
  • 17:57 What are your thoughts on this? 
  • 19:30 A simple and profound question

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