Hey guys! Chris and Melissa here, as the end of October draws near, we are getting close to a yearly family tradition of ours. It’s one that has taught our whole family about where we come from and now we get an opportunity to celebrate them every year! 

We were first introduced to this tradition by a good friend of ours back in Arizona, we were lucky enough to be invited and learn more about our friend’s histories as well as our own. If you’ve been listening to Family Brand long you know that some of our biggest values are that our kids know they belong and have a strong identity in who they are. There have been countless studies on why it’s important for people to know their ancestors and how the stories they left behind can only make us stronger. 

Join us as we discuss how we like to celebrate our family through this day, the fun we have in researching our family history, and even how we keep honoring our ancestors the entire year. You’ll get our best tips and practices on how you can dive into your family history and how to throw a Dia De Los Muertos party that will have your kids excited to learn about their heritage. This tradition has not only been great to learn about the far past but has created an amazing opportunity for us to hear the stories of our parents, and grandparents as well, only strengthening our sense of family. 

We hope this episode inspires you to jump into your own history and share with your family the great pride that comes with knowing who you are. If you do decide to celebrate this tradition with your family tag us on Instagram @ourfamilybrand so we can celebrate with you!

More Of What’s Inside:

  • Why we started celebrating Dia De Los Muertos
  • The importance of knowing your heritage
  • Honoring our ancestors all year long
  • The tradition of Dia De Los Muertos
  • Finding identity through your ancestors
  • Enrolling the whole family in the tradition
  • How we get our kids excited about their ancestors
  • Making dishes to honor our heritage
  • Where you can look into your family history
  • And much more!




Free course:

Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:42 – What to expect today!
  • 2:26 – Why knowing your family heritage is important
  • 4:33 – The ancient history of Dia De Los Muertos
  • 5:55 – What we all can learn from Disney’s CoCo
  • 8:12 – Why this is more than just another party
  • 8:57 – Party inspiration and tips you can replicate
  • 11:10 – A few recipes we made and why
  • 13:13 – The importance of keeping your family photos
  • 14:05 – How you can start learning more about your history today
  • 15:09 – Closing thoughts and tips

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