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After we moved from Hawaii, we found our way back to small-town America on the mainland. Friday night nights, bike rides to our favorite spots, and every other Fall activity you can think of are in full swing for the Smith family, and it’s wonderful! 

As the seasons change outside your window, they change just as quickly inside our homes as parents. We are experiencing this first hand as we parent 5 kids between the ages of 5 and 15. It takes A LOT of emotional intelligence and awareness to parent kids at different ages in the ways they need. 

This is the type of stuff we don’t hear many parents and thought leaders talk about…

That’s why in today’s episode, we share a powerful parenting analogy we can all relate to. In the spirit of Fall, it’s a football analogy, but even if you know nothing about football, this powerful concept of parenting and coaching in different seasons will still resonate with you. 

Hit play to hear how Parenting is like a Football game and how you can write your family’s “game-winning playbook” We share authentically what we have been learning in this season and what all the stages of parenting look like (even when they are out of the house), why this analogy can help you lead your family more powerfully and so much more. 

This episode is short, but it’s pretty powerful and packed, and you’ll be ready to take action. Towards the end, we mention our Family Values and how we plan to use them more intentionally. If you want to create your own Family Brand and Values, head to: now! 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • Happy Fall!
  • When to play the role of a quarterback 
  • When to play the role of a coach
  • When to play the role of a cheerleader
  • When God comes into play
  • How to design your offense strategy  
  • How to parent more authentically 
  • Your parenting skills can adapt over time
  • Give yourself grace and know it’s okay to be new at this
  • And much more!



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Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 Audio warning and what’s inside the show!
  • 0:56 Melissa’s football analogy 
  • 2:09 The different seasons of parenting
  • 6:56 Kids have to learn their own lessons sometimes 
  • 9:06 When to move into the cheerleader position
  • 10:10 How your family values are your offense playbook
  • 13:54 Your kids don’t dictate your happiness and fulfillment
  • 15:15 How to be more honest with your kids about 


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